Monday, March 18, 2013

Norwegian Championships 2013

One of the best Norwegian Championships I have ever entered! FUN FUN DAY! Thank you Oslo Vinterpark and Wyller for the world class Halfpipe! 

Pictures from the day: 
(Photocredit: Preben Stene Larsen)
This beauty queen getting a fresh up!
The pipe was awesome! Perfectly shaped and firm but not icy. Just how I like it. I had fun all day and managed to bring out some old stored tricks from my pocket which placed me on first spot and gave me another GOLD medal to bring back home:) 

Happy winner:)
Frontside indy by mini-me.

Two proud girls with gold and silver. (me + Kari)

The guys killed it! Fredrik had some of the highest airs and was leading all the way up to finals, but when Roger put down a clean run including his double flip, Fredrik was beaten and placed on second place. Stoked to see the guys push limits and put down a great show. 
Roger with a stylish double!

Fredriks signature: amplitude!  
Kari, me and Lisa Mari. HAPPY!

Proud to be sharing the podium with the one and only Kari on second and my amazing name-sister Lisa on third. Great riding girls!
For more pictures from the Norwgian Championships, check out Snowboardforbundet on facebook. For all the results, go here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another podium

I'm quite impressed with Norway's selection of good parks this year. I'm usually riding Oslo, Tryvann and the amazing half pipe in Wyller. It's always fun and really close to the city! But I checked out Ringkollen last weekend (1,5 hour outside of Oslo) because the Norwegian snowboard federation was organizing a slope style 3star event there, and yes... they can do it too! It's always fun to participate in a competition. It makes me push myself a little extra and its is so fun. The jumps were bigger than expected which let me get some good airtime too! :)

The girls had fun and were pushing each other all day! Good to see that it is growing "behind me", the young ones were ripping and charging. One girl really impressed me, Camilla :) She did a huge backflip to disaster... cause she almost went double. Unfortunately she broke her arm though, but she is a tough girl and one to watch out for in the future. Feel better Camilla, you will be back ripping in no time!!!

The amazing Marte Søderlund rode well all day with steezy frontside boardslides and twicked out  spins which put her on the top of the podium in front of me:) Nora earnd 3rd place with big airs and spins! I was stoked to get to ride Ringkollen park and get another podium in for the season!:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Warsaw, Roxy shopping.

What a City! Last weekend I went to Warsaw, Poland to do some Roxy shopping!!! What an amazing town. The Old City with the colorful architecture and majestic buildings was a scenery. I can only imagine how it all looks in the spring... I might have to go back a warm and sunny day:)

Warsaw is a major tourist destination and has survived wars throughout the history, but unfortunately 90% of it was destroyed during the world war II, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery it is now a lively place, with tourists and locals, and tons of galleries, cafés and restaurants.
Atmospheric alleys, squares, and cosy cafés create a unique sense of history.
So lets hear it for Warsaw!
The Palace of Culture looking different every night

...But as I was starting off with... I was on a mission! In Sadyba Best Mall I found it: Boardriders Sadyba store. A huge store filled with Roxy, Quiksilver and DC clothes and other nice stuff :) I met some excellent store employees which did an awesome job with spotting out all the good stuff for me, which led to bags filled with goodies on the way home! Thanks a lot for all the help Boardriders Sadyba, and thanks a lot ROXY for making me look so good;)

Check out some of my photos:
Jagoda, me and Patryk

Left my signature on the bar:)

Found all the good stuff!

Awesome Roxy watches!
Check me out;)

Patryk treating us very well.
Mum, me and aunt, coffee is served!

Walls of Old town

Warsaw's Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta)

 St. John's Cathedral

Warsaw Mermaid

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feels good to compete !

I know most of you probably don't get the whole competitive side of snowboarding, BUT I loove competitions. The nerves, the dealing with pressure, getting one chance (or maybe two), its just the right amount of push I need to progress and have fun! My team manager Lesley described me pretty excaxt on my Roxy profile last year: "Her need to be busy allows Lisa to thrive under pressure, which has led to her being one of the few riders in the world who can excel in both halfpipe and slopestyle contests." Thanks, Lesley. Its so true!

So I went to Varingskollen in Norway this Saturday to enter a Norwegian Slope style 3star event organized by the Norwegian Snowboard association and found myself on the top of the podium at the end of the day. It's always a good feeling to win, but best of all was the feeling of adrenalin going through my body again, and the feeling of still being able to deal with the excitement in my body during the day. I think it's so much fun!!! I love snowboarding:)

Here I am with a proud smile.

 Having fun with friends! Emilie Evensen (2nd place:) and Elin Bjørkum (cutie;)

 Check back later for some snowboarding action from my local resort.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I welcome you, Mr. President Obama!

Firs of all, Congratulation on the re-election Mr. President. Well deserved!
Any plans on the program yet? A Norway visit maybe? If you come to Norway, Mr. President Obama, I will take care of you and the Obama family's adrenaline kick while visiting OSLO.  I know that you are riding "one foot forward" like me, and that Oslo Winter Park already have snowboards, gear and lift-passes ready for you! Just give me a call when you have landed, I can pick you up at the airport too:) See you.

Check out my personal invite:


Friday, November 23, 2012


Haven't you always wondered how to stay sane while injured?? Read about my experiences in the new Coven Magazine 3rd issue ( page 60-61) to find out how I coped with staying home while all my friends went snowboarding during my knee injury.

E-version of the interview here!

Photo: Matt Georges  #Roxy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira

Before I welcome winter completely,  I have to post a few pictures from my summer of action:)
I don't know if you remember that I entered a competition in my local resort this winter and won a surf camp to Portugal?!I really did:) This past July me and my boyfriend Jens-Martin went to Lapoint surf camp in Ericeira for a week. I finally "learned" how to surf. At least I feel a lot safer and know what to look for and ways to cope with the...waves! It was an awesome week of fun! Nice waves every day, enthusiastic coaches, sun and warm weather. The wind was absence, which is quite unreal for Ericeira. Pool at the camp, slack line, mine ramp and a Boardrider Roxy store close by! All you can ask for. So, for all of you that are considering surf camp I can recommend it strongly. Thank you Lapoint for giving me this experience, and thank you Roxy for all the nice summer clothes and my new Roxy wetsuit!

Check out my pictures and get inspired:) 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Winter around the corner

My facebook account was filled with winter pictures yesterday, and I thought people were missing winter by posting old pictures, but NOT! Oppdal got snow yesterday, and it was all white:) Bring it on, I'm ready!

Check out my profile on the Roxy page for the stylish winter snow collection, put on a beanie and get ready too!

Photo credit: Matt Georges / Roxy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Online interview

Hope you all had a great summer!!!

I had a little online interview during the summer months. Its right here if you want to check it out:) Halpipe rider... well well, I'm a little bit of everything right;)

Check back later for some summer action pictures!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Norwegian Champion:)

The season is pretty much over and summer is getting closer every day, even though it doesn't feel that way when I put on my rubber boots and hoddie to go outside....

I must say that I'm pretty happy with my season after all, reaching my goals and being back on my board feels real good. I was so so happy when I got the message that I could join the World Snowboarding Championships which was hosted in Oslo my home town.  I was not able to qualify through the events going on in 2011 because of my injury, so I was given one of very few Wildcards For me entering that course in Oslo was amazing! It was challenging and hard, but still fun. I just felt so lucky to be able to snowboard again and land a safe run through that course. It really build up my confidence.

The Norwegian Nationals was held in mid March in Oslo/Tryvann and Vierli, but unfortunately the competition in Slopestyle and Big Air got cancelled cause of strong wind at Vierli reasort. To bad, course everything looked real good and I was so excited and ready to charge the course.

Tryvann/Wyller in Oslo on the other hand, had a world class halfpipe ready and waiting for us at the Nationals. I surprised myself by getting back some of my runs and tricks in the Halfpipe and actually won the whole competition. Not a bad feeling to walk away with the Norwegian Champ title 2012 :)

Check out some of my pictures from the Norwegian Championships:  ("stolen" from

Wiik with a typical tweak

                                               Aleksander Østereng so calm and stylish.
                                           Geilo represent, Caroline and Tore. HP champions too:)
                                          3.Thea Stenshagen, 1. Lisa Wiik 2. Silje Norendal
                                            The crowd enjoying the sun and the performance?
                                               Dagfrid and Cecilia being cool as always
                                          Elin rocking the Bieber button
                                               One happy me with my medal.
                                           McTwist with my own twist of grab, stylefish:)
                                         My very own fanclub? Niclas and Jens-Martin
                                         Ready to drop