Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2nd at the TTR-09

Hi there!

(Two happy girls: me and
Stine, my Team manager)

I just finished two bottles of champagne! :) ihaaaa. Well, some of it got spilt on the crowd watching me get a big check today. 25 ooo USD for 2nd overall at the TTR! And another one for finishing 3rd at the Chicken Jam slopestyle here in Mammoth. Im so stoked and surprisingly happy! I never tought about the points or how I was going to finish my season. All I wanted was to be stoked on my riding and do my very best. Thats all you can do really. Its not like I would have won if someone told me I needed the points. I was just focusing on what I could preform and try to stay calm:)
Janna Meyen 1st, Jenny Jones 2nd, Me 3rd. at the Slopestyle finals.

Pipe was yesterday and I better mention that. I ended up 5th! I qualified to the finales on 3
rd and was so happy to land my good run. In the finals the pipe got a little to slow and slushy. Rough conditions made it hard to keep the speed and amplitude. I still got one run down which placed me on a solid 5th.

TTR titles reward. 1st Kelly Clark, 2nd ME, 3rd Jamie Anderson.
(Chanelle and Kjersti accepted the price on Jamies behalf.)

I just cant believe what just happened. I'm so happy right now:)
What a way to finish one of my best seasons so far!!!I'm going to celebrate with the TTR winner Kelly Clark and my good friends Kjersti, Cheryl, Chanelle, Jenny, Basa and all the hot chicks here at the chicken jam:) haha.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

2nd overall at the Burton Open series.

U.S. Open-09 is over and done. I ended up 2. behind Jamie Anderson who won the Open Series and cashed in 100 000 USD! She has been riding solid all season and unfortunately she got injured in the practise here so she couldn't ride. I really hope you feel better Jamie and I know that you will be back in no time continuing your awesome riding:) You definitely deserve the title.

I by the way, didnt land my backside 720 at the bottom jump and had to watch the finals from the tent. Bummer! I loved the course and the jumps and really wanted to ride the finals. Well, another contest coming up next week. Roxy Chicken Jam in Mammoth. I cant wait to ride there and through my 720 down.

Congrats Kjersti! She won the slopestyle and had a killer weekend winning her second Volvo of the season.

All in all I'm stoked on this week. Best results I ever had at the U.S. Open. Finishing 2nd overall is anyway a big step up for me:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pipe Semi-finals U.S.Open

Wow, all the girls really impressed me today. Girls were doing switch bs.720, cab 900, fs. 900 just to mention some of it!!! I missed the final by 1,5 points and one spot, ending up 9th. I landed my run which was fs. indy, mc twist, fs 540, bs air, fs 360 into a switch hakenflip. I was really happy to land my run twice today and even stepping it up from the firs run. Finishing 9th at the Burton U.S.Open-09 is pretty good considering that all the best female riders were present. Im so stoked...again.

Next up is slope style.
Course looks good and Im excited to ride tomorrow.

Chanelle is teaching Kjersti and me how to cook (homemade meatballs.)

Quarterpipe finals at U.S.Open

Oh my GOD!
I just got 2nd at the Quarterpipe night session here at the U.S.Open. Im so stoked. I don't really
ride quarterpipe (kind of never) but I really wanted to enter this one. I looked so much fun during the day. Luckily it was a jam session. That made me get use to the in run, speed and the strong compression on my legs going off that big thing.

In the 5 last minutes of the session I finally got some hight on my mc. twist and landed it clean. That put me straight on 2nd place and podium. Yeah Yeah Yeah. My friend Kjersti got 1st so now we are celebrating with champagne!

Cheers :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunny days in Spain.

Thanks for checking in.

Last week has been great! Sunny and 14 pluss everyday. Luckily we started pipe training first in the morning when the pipe was still rideable. It got soooo slushy already at 10 AM and impossible to get any amplitude.
I was happy with my three training days and had some really good practice runs. Im now one step closer on reaching my goal for this season regarding combinations of tricks and amplitude. So I feel good considering where I am with my riding at this point. Still one year until the Olympics:) and my pipe riding has reached another level.

Today was contests day and I ended up 12th. Quite happy with that, but still didn't land my good run so I have more to show them! After this comp Im on 33rd position on the FIS list which means I jumped 14 spots today:) Still two more counting FIS cups to make a spot for Norway. But its all about being the best rider right before the Olympics.

Im on it!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009



I came to La Molina yesterday to do a FIS world cup in Pipe here. Its on this weekend and it is one of the counting contests for the Olympics. For me, its all about reaching top 30 to make a spot for Norway. So I will hit you back with more information about how the training goes and how I'm doing!

Its not much to do here in our wooden old-stylish hotel. I guess I will be here bloging most of the time!

Check back later.


Welcome to my new site. I will keep you updated on my snowboarding around the world.



My Roxy team mates and I went to Turkey on a photo shoot last March. It was an amazing trip. I love that I'm able to experience different cultures when I travel around the world for snowboarding.

We had a couple of days in Istanbul and got to visit the Blue Mosk and the indoor bazaar. The people where very friendly but quite intense. It was "off season" for them and not that many tourists around, so I understood their anxious to sell us stuff. I bought a nice silver ring, silver necklace and some apple tea for my "water pipe"! It was really cheap:)

The snow conditions in Kartalkaya was amazing. It was dumping snow... too bad the resort was to "flat" to really enjoy it. We had to be creative and found a lot of fun jibs and things to ride on which gave us some nice photos for ADs.
I love bomb drops and was really happy to find a nice and high one from the hotel roof.

Gendle our filmer made a couple of pod casts from our Turkey trip. You should check them out in my pod cast video link in the left side menu.

Some photos from our day in Istanbul:

For snowboard pictures, scroll all the way down.