Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2nd at the TTR-09

Hi there!

(Two happy girls: me and
Stine, my Team manager)

I just finished two bottles of champagne! :) ihaaaa. Well, some of it got spilt on the crowd watching me get a big check today. 25 ooo USD for 2nd overall at the TTR! And another one for finishing 3rd at the Chicken Jam slopestyle here in Mammoth. Im so stoked and surprisingly happy! I never tought about the points or how I was going to finish my season. All I wanted was to be stoked on my riding and do my very best. Thats all you can do really. Its not like I would have won if someone told me I needed the points. I was just focusing on what I could preform and try to stay calm:)
Janna Meyen 1st, Jenny Jones 2nd, Me 3rd. at the Slopestyle finals.

Pipe was yesterday and I better mention that. I ended up 5th! I qualified to the finales on 3
rd and was so happy to land my good run. In the finals the pipe got a little to slow and slushy. Rough conditions made it hard to keep the speed and amplitude. I still got one run down which placed me on a solid 5th.

TTR titles reward. 1st Kelly Clark, 2nd ME, 3rd Jamie Anderson.
(Chanelle and Kjersti accepted the price on Jamies behalf.)

I just cant believe what just happened. I'm so happy right now:)
What a way to finish one of my best seasons so far!!!I'm going to celebrate with the TTR winner Kelly Clark and my good friends Kjersti, Cheryl, Chanelle, Jenny, Basa and all the hot chicks here at the chicken jam:) haha.


  1. congrats! stumbled across your blog as i was looking for some info on your season. awesome job! was at the open and it was great to see all the riders live. cheers.

  2. "to be stoked" Fysio, fysio, uansett kor man ser! (Påskeferie nu. Takk Gud for det.) Du e helt syk forresten. 2. plass og beste norske noensinne. Jada, så dæ i Adressa, sjøh. Du va ein fryd å se på.

  3. Wonderful blog. Great ideas and fun read.