Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pipe Semi-finals U.S.Open

Wow, all the girls really impressed me today. Girls were doing switch bs.720, cab 900, fs. 900 just to mention some of it!!! I missed the final by 1,5 points and one spot, ending up 9th. I landed my run which was fs. indy, mc twist, fs 540, bs air, fs 360 into a switch hakenflip. I was really happy to land my run twice today and even stepping it up from the firs run. Finishing 9th at the Burton U.S.Open-09 is pretty good considering that all the best female riders were present. Im so stoked...again.

Next up is slope style.
Course looks good and Im excited to ride tomorrow.

Chanelle is teaching Kjersti and me how to cook (homemade meatballs.)


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  2. Lisa, you should get an Omatic board like Chanelle ;-)

  3. I know!!! I would love to. I will try Omatic next week:)