Thursday, March 12, 2009


My Roxy team mates and I went to Turkey on a photo shoot last March. It was an amazing trip. I love that I'm able to experience different cultures when I travel around the world for snowboarding.

We had a couple of days in Istanbul and got to visit the Blue Mosk and the indoor bazaar. The people where very friendly but quite intense. It was "off season" for them and not that many tourists around, so I understood their anxious to sell us stuff. I bought a nice silver ring, silver necklace and some apple tea for my "water pipe"! It was really cheap:)

The snow conditions in Kartalkaya was amazing. It was dumping snow... too bad the resort was to "flat" to really enjoy it. We had to be creative and found a lot of fun jibs and things to ride on which gave us some nice photos for ADs.
I love bomb drops and was really happy to find a nice and high one from the hotel roof.

Gendle our filmer made a couple of pod casts from our Turkey trip. You should check them out in my pod cast video link in the left side menu.

Some photos from our day in Istanbul:

For snowboard pictures, scroll all the way down.


  1. Hi, my name is Chelsea Wiik. Im from the US, but have family living in Norway. It would be so awesome if we were related (doubt it but it would be cool.) Keep in touch my email is

  2. Hi!!! Nice of you to leave me a comment! My name is mixed up with Wilk a lot...and I hate it. :)
    I have no idea if we are related, but we still have the same name. Lets keep in touch.
    Where in Norway does your family live?

  3. They live up north, all I really know is that I have family in that area. I would absolutly LOVE to visit up there, isnt it really cold? I've travled a bit but only to the Bahamas and Mexico. I'm so happy that you wrote back!