Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunny days in Spain.

Thanks for checking in.

Last week has been great! Sunny and 14 pluss everyday. Luckily we started pipe training first in the morning when the pipe was still rideable. It got soooo slushy already at 10 AM and impossible to get any amplitude.
I was happy with my three training days and had some really good practice runs. Im now one step closer on reaching my goal for this season regarding combinations of tricks and amplitude. So I feel good considering where I am with my riding at this point. Still one year until the Olympics:) and my pipe riding has reached another level.

Today was contests day and I ended up 12th. Quite happy with that, but still didn't land my good run so I have more to show them! After this comp Im on 33rd position on the FIS list which means I jumped 14 spots today:) Still two more counting FIS cups to make a spot for Norway. But its all about being the best rider right before the Olympics.

Im on it!!

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