Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Featured in Wakeboarding magazine

Its really me...Im still here. Just been busy with some school work lately. One other thing is that my camera broke, so I dont have pictures to add with my blogg. Which is quite boring.
Latest news: http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/article/Features/Im-a-Rider-Lisa-Wiik

EASTER in Orlando Florida:) It was really good to finish my great season with a holiday there. You can not believe how much I was looking forward to going! Sun, beach, wakeboard, boyfriend! Haha... It was all there waiting for me.
My boyfriend introduces me to Ryan which is one of the guys behind the new Voda trampoline boards. He gave me some sessions and taught me how they work . Its so much fun, and so much like doing snowboard tricks indoor. They gave me a board so that I can practise at home too. Thanks guys! I just found I new fun cross/activity that will help me improve my snowboarding!:)

I also enjoy wakeboarding. In Florida I was riding at OWC which is a cable park in Orlando. Wakeboarding is like riding the snowboard park. I improve my balance and get to work on my snowboardtricks on rails and jumps. I actually just got an Interview in WAKEBOARDING MAGAZINE about how I use wakeboarding as a great alternative sport . It just came out. Check it out!

Thanks for checking in...I promise I will blogg more often in the future. And with photos:)