Friday, August 21, 2009

New Zealand open


So, first contest of the season is over. Ended up in the Slopestyle and in the pipe here at the New Zealand Open.
I was riding with this knee:

...its still burning hot as me:) But Im going to ride the FIS world cup pipe in two days. Fingers crossed for me!
So Im actually pretty stoked with my placings. Landed my runs but had to skip some of the narliest tricks because I was afraid to fall on my knee. I know I can do better, which is a good feeling.

Another big news is coming. Stay tuned:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DOWN UNDER, New Zealand.

Get a taste of the New Zealand vibe right here:

I know most of you guys still have summer holiday and are enjoying the warm weather on the beach, while I’m far away from Norway at the moment. After 42 hours of travelling I’m now in Wanaka New Zealand together with the Norwegian Team. Seriously, 42 Hours! That’s what it takes to find winter again. So for me the season has started!:)

10 hours time difference is messing with my body. I’m still jet lagged but am actually trying to keep it for a bit, because it’s nice to wake up at 6 in the morning and feel fresh! It gives me plenty of time to cook my oatmeal before heading up to the pipe at 8 am.

I’m riding at Cardrona resort where they not only have one half pipe, not two either but three!!! One of them is a 22 foot pipe which is the size of the Olympic pipe. Its really nice and perfect to train in.
Slope style looks good, didn’t try anything yet cause training for the Burton New Zealand Open starts tomorrow. Hit you back with more info on that later.

Wanaka is beautiful as always, and the lake view from my bedroom window in the morning is amazing. See photo from the sunrise above.

Well, that was it for now. I don’t have internet or computer at the moment so its quite a lot of work to add photos into someone’s Mac and keep you guys updated but OF COURSE I will do it anyway!:)