Thursday, October 22, 2009

First day of the season


I'm on snow again. Feels great! Sun is shining and we got some new snow over the night.
I had so much fun jibbing around on the small jumps the first day. Had to warm up and try out some tricks before I head over to the bigger line.

Look at the film I made after the first day of riding:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rider of the year 2009

This saturday the Norwegian Federation were hosting "Snowboard awards 2009" in Oslo.
The whole snowboard community were gathered for a great party.
I was nominated in the category: "female rider of the year" together with Kjersti Buuas, Linn Haug and Helene Olafsen.

All of us have had a great season and could easily be the one bringing the title back home.
Mia Hundvin and Lasse Andersen presented the price and I got the goose bumps when Lasse shouted my name out laud as the WINNER!

I was so stoked and happy to be announced as the female rider of the year. That means that people have noticed my great season and my results. I really feel supported. It really nice to be awarded with this price after the end of what I will call the best season of my far. :) It got me really stoked and is for sure going to help me stay motivated to progress my riding throughout the next season.

Thanks to all of my sponsors that have been supportive and without them I wouldn't be able to snowboard at all! Roxy, DC, Bern, Dakine, Skullcandy.
Thanks to the Jury and people voting for me!

And last but not least, Jens-Martin Johnsrud my boyfriend who has supported me so much. He is a major part of my support structure, and without him I don't think my season would have gone as well.


...and now PARTY! Cheers.
Linn, me and Kjersti

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


While I'm waiting for the snow to fall, my trampoline board is a good compensation. Im so happy that I got to know Ryan Jones in Florida last easter, he's one of the guys behind VODA -trampoline boards. He is also a good wakeboard and trampoline coach which has and still is going to help me out with my tricks before the upcoming season.

Check out pictures from his sessions on the blog at:

Ryan also sponsored me with a Voda-board so that I could train on the trampoline in Norway as well. Im really enjoying it, and it's such good workout too:)
Im planning to go to Florida for another session in November!!!

Tweak like Wiik.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The big news: I WENT SKYDIVING!

Oh my GOD:)

It was amazing. ONE MINUTE FREE FALL:)
One minute BABY, it was one minute!

Helene, Linn, Amiee, Ben and me went together to Wanaka airport (skydive lake wanaka) and jumped off the plane from 15000 feet. The day we picked for our "ride" was perfect. Clear blue sky and sun. The New Zealand nature couldn't be more beautiful.
The feeling when I jumped off that plane...oh my god. My stomach was turning inside out. I loved it!

The videos are a bit short and are missing the landing.
(The youtube one is also missing the sound, but has better quality.)

But I came down safe! We all did.

...and would I do it again? For sure!