Thursday, October 1, 2009

The big news: I WENT SKYDIVING!

Oh my GOD:)

It was amazing. ONE MINUTE FREE FALL:)
One minute BABY, it was one minute!

Helene, Linn, Amiee, Ben and me went together to Wanaka airport (skydive lake wanaka) and jumped off the plane from 15000 feet. The day we picked for our "ride" was perfect. Clear blue sky and sun. The New Zealand nature couldn't be more beautiful.
The feeling when I jumped off that plane...oh my god. My stomach was turning inside out. I loved it!

The videos are a bit short and are missing the landing.
(The youtube one is also missing the sound, but has better quality.)

But I came down safe! We all did.

...and would I do it again? For sure!

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