Friday, November 27, 2009


I just came home from a week in Orlando and two days in London for a shoot.

I'm working on a edit from my trip to Florida. (Trampoline session with Ryan Jones)

Stay tuned!

Pic from a photo shoot for Cobalt boats.
DVD launching 1. Jan-10

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stromy in Saas Fee!

It was suppose to be girls qualification FIS World Cup today, but because of strong wind and snow they cancelled it and are running it all tomorrow. One more day for us all (Linn, Helene, Kjersti and me) to laugh about comments we got after our music video. Maybe we should use today to make another song?
Picture from Halloween.

Monday, November 2, 2009

RAP "Love to hate"

On our day -off here in Saas Fee, the girls and I made a comeback to all the haters at (and in general).

Some just never get tired of talking down on girls! ENJOY!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

E-cup in Saas Fee.

Hello there. (video attached)

Done with the pipe E-cup here in Saas Fee. Pipe was actually really good, but pure ice of course.
Landed my two runs at the quals but managed to land flat and with all my weight on the front foot after my mc-Twist in the second run. It was hurting and I was scared I did something bad to it....

I was a bit silly, but ignored the pain and tightened all my muscles and rode two more runs in the Semi-Finals. Luckily I must say.... I was 0,4 points from the final and ended up at 10th place which meant that I could ice my knee and go to the doctor instead. Was happy with my riding though. I've been focusing on airs lately and felt that I was able to relax and ride with confidence on a different level this time. I think that after more amplitude and airs, the tricks will follow.

I got a bad bone bruise and are taking it easy. I have to rest to be ready for the World-cup next week. Eating Voltaren and painkillers....Fingers crossed for my knee! (seems like I hurt one knee at each pipe comp Im entering these days:(

Check out my day. I made a small edit: