Friday, January 15, 2010

4th at BEO :)

Roxy girls celebrating Enni's Win!
Britte, Aimee, Enni, me and Heidi.

I just got 4th at the Burton European Open! Im so stoked:)
I landed my run and had to step it up to get on the podium. Tried switch bs 540 of the second jump and over-rotated a bit and I ended up on 4th! No ranked 4 on TTR. Seriously this is just getting better and better. This slope-style finals was for sure one of the best ones I've ever entered. Girls and guyes are riding so sick these days. Its really inspiring to see. What will we see at the Canadien Open?!

Congrats Mikkel and Gjermund for placing 2nd and 3rd:)

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