Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

2nd in Slopestyle Canadian Open!

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Woke up to a foggy COP (Calgary Olympic Park) on the day of finals. It didn't look like they were going to follow the schedule which ment my flight at 03.35 might leave without me. Anyways. Change my goggle lens and was ready for practice. It was not to bad actually, I could see the jumps but everything was a bit bright to be honest. Landed a few runs and was stoked that it all worked out. When finals started the wind picked up and Meri Peltonen overshot the second kicker badly and got taken down by the sled:( I was nervous to drop after that and landed all my jumps on the knuckle, and no grabs. Second run wasn't any better. I had to sep it up and land a clean run like I did in practice. And finally I got it together in the third and last run. Top section with the rails was ok, then the three jumps front 360 style, bs 540 indy and switch bs 360 indy. I was really happy to finally land a clean run and rode straight down to the cab that was waiting for me and head to the airport. I'm really sorry I missed out on the price-giving cause this was my first podium of the season. Anyways, really stoked to get 2nd place!!!
Enni and me. Congrats Enni on your third win in a row:)

Right now ranked 1st on the TTR and the Burton Open Series. :) :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

5th in pipe at the Canadian Open !

Enni and me ready for finals.

Ended up on 5th place in the pipe finals today. Landed my runs and stomped my hakenflip in the last run. Happy to ride in the finals though, but it was hard to see anything in the flat light. The pipe was in the shadow, so quite hard.

Moved up to 1st place on the open snowboarding ranking and
2nd place on the TTR-ranking.

Slopestyle finals is on tomorrow. Love the course!

Me and Lesley

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Canadian Open

Back with some info.

Slopestyle semifinals was on this morning. So fun course. First it starts with a snowbox to a down box, then a down-flat down rail, then a down rail, and the last job is a wallride box into three jumps. The two last has a channel gap.

It really fun to ride. So much going on! Sunny today and girls were having a great time snowboarding. I qualified 2nd and are ready for finals on Sunday.

Tomorrow its pipe time:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi there.
A week in Aspen at the X-Games went away fast. Training morning and evening every day. So much going on, so much to watch. WOW, the ski big air and the snowboard big air was amazing. A few new world records got stomped!:) Congrats Halldor for winning the big air with 100 out of 100 points:)

I placed 8th in the slope-style. So bummed I didn't land my run i the eliminations. The course was finally treating me well and I landed my runs in practice ... Well. 6 made it through to finals and I got 8th so WHATEVER. haha.
I really liked the jumps in the end, it felt so nice to spin on huge kickers like that. Last run I landed my spins on the two first kickers and caught an edge a little to hard on the second jump which slowed me down too much to hit the last kicker:( So no time to hit the last 68 feet jump with my 720.

The fun thing of the day: I met 50 CENT. Oh yes! I'm such a groupie! haha. Check out the picture. Who has her arms around him??? :)

...sorry. The internet is to slow here at LAX, so check back later for pictures. Or visit my fan page on facebook:!/pages/Lisa-Wiik/264894703251?ref=search&sid=711295710.2476926071..1