Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi there.
A week in Aspen at the X-Games went away fast. Training morning and evening every day. So much going on, so much to watch. WOW, the ski big air and the snowboard big air was amazing. A few new world records got stomped!:) Congrats Halldor for winning the big air with 100 out of 100 points:)

I placed 8th in the slope-style. So bummed I didn't land my run i the eliminations. The course was finally treating me well and I landed my runs in practice ... Well. 6 made it through to finals and I got 8th so WHATEVER. haha.
I really liked the jumps in the end, it felt so nice to spin on huge kickers like that. Last run I landed my spins on the two first kickers and caught an edge a little to hard on the second jump which slowed me down too much to hit the last kicker:( So no time to hit the last 68 feet jump with my 720.

The fun thing of the day: I met 50 CENT. Oh yes! I'm such a groupie! haha. Check out the picture. Who has her arms around him??? :)

...sorry. The internet is to slow here at LAX, so check back later for pictures. Or visit my fan page on facebook:!/pages/Lisa-Wiik/264894703251?ref=search&sid=711295710.2476926071..1

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