Friday, March 5, 2010


"GO LISA, GO LISA" Did we have the nicest poster or what?:

Another Olympics is over and the rest of the "normal" season can continue. It has all been a great experience and I have lots of memories to bring with me! To bad that the pipe was in real bad shape for the practice and we only got 3 hours of practice before the actual competition, but when it all happened on the 18th of February the pipe was almost perfect! Finally I could do my run and prepare as good as possible.

The atmosphere was amazing. So many people watching and cheering for us. I had my family and my boyfriend there to cheer me on. Didn't they have the best poster?:) I was feeling great and had so much fun riding the practice before the comp. I think I suddenly rode my best ever when it comes to amplitude and landing all my tricks. I was feeling ready and was coping well with the nerves! But, unfortunately I wasn't able to repeat that in the comp. Didn't go high enough so the judges gave me low scores. 0,3 points from the semi finals:(

Anyways I beca
me the best Norwegian HP rider at this Olympics:)

Thanks everyone for cheering me on and wishing me all the best! Olympics is for me just another big contest of the season, and I still have so much to look forward to. X-games Europe, U.S.-Open and Chicken Jam are up next. Since I've focused on more than the Olympics I wasn't too bummed about not doing well there. There is more to come!

So stay tuned for updates from the last competitions of this season.

Now 1st on the TTR ranking
Now 1st on the Global Open series.

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