Wednesday, March 17, 2010

X-Games Tignes 2010

So the X-Games finally found its way to Europe:)..and I got an invite for pipe and slope and was way ready to shred the European alps!

Slopestyle was intense. 7 jumps, or 6 if you chose the rail instead, still a lot of things going on While I was riding practice and planning my run I suddenly came short on the first jump, tried to save my landing with the arm and ended up dislocating my elbow. Oh my God that was hurting like h...

One dislocated elbow and the X-Ray showing exactly that.

So no more Euro X, pipe or slope for me.

Since I don't have any footage from this comp I thought it was convenient to add my edit from X-Games in Aspen instead. Enjoy!
X-Games Aspen had one of the largest jumps this year 65 and 68 feet. They were really nice in the end, but for sure hard to get used to!

Check it out "right about now":

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