Friday, May 14, 2010

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Season ending in Hemsedal

First weekend of May is always the closing days for the Norwegian resort Hemsedal.
I was surprised with the snow conditions, still quite a lot of snow left and two parks open:)
Hemsedal is a bit crazy this weekend. Drunk Norwegians head up the the mountain just for tanning and partying.
We even had to buy the party ticket including a concert on Saturday (when we only wanted to buy a lift pass to ride) OH no, we shouldn't have come to Hemsedal the first weekend of May if all we wanted was riding?! That's the answer we got from the ticket counter!

Anyways. Lots of fun hiking this quarter working on hand-plants. Almost got it in the end:)

Jens-Marin Johnsrud, Thor Jostein, Trond Klavenes, Lisa Wiik and Daniel Vik Skogen.