Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snowboardawards 2010

I was giving out the price for best Snowboard club 2010! Here together with Jens-Martin.

Another award ceremony is just around the corner. At Smuget, Oslo the National snowboard federation is throwing down a party for Norway's snowboard scene tonight. Prices will be given out to the lucky winners.
I am nominated for the price: "Female snowboarder of the year" together with Kjersti, Helene, Silje and Thea. I wish I could tell you to vote for me, but I guess its too late now :) Here is the link anyways:

A link about the party

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winner of Friflyt awards 2010

YEAH! Thank you all for your votes. I won the Friflyt award: "Female snowboarder of the year 2010:)" Rockefeller, Oslo packed with snow loving people, waiting for the winter. Friflyt Magazin throw down a great party.Thank you

Torstein (winner of "best filmpart")and me at Rockefeller!

Here are the winners:

This years breakthrough, snowboard: Gjermund Bråten
This years breakthrough, ski: Fridtjof Fredricsson
Filmpart, snowboard: Torstein Horgmo (Standard Films)¨
Filmpart, ski: Even Sigstad og Eirik Finseth (Field Productions)
Female rider, snowboard: Lisa Wiik
Male rider, snowboard: Mikkel Bang
Female rider, ski: Ane Enderud
Male rider, ski: Andreas Håtveit
Price of honor: Fred Syversen

Friday, October 1, 2010

Met with the Norwegian Royal family

I would like to share that I was invited to the Norwegian Castle yesterday, together with all the Norwegian Olympians from Vancouver 2010. It was really nice to see the castle from the inside and finally personally get to meet the royal family. The Norwegian King and the rest of the family are very interested in sports, not only cross country skiing and jumping, but also snowboarding. He told me that he was watching the X-Games. Pretty fun! Unfortunately I couldn't take photos inside, but I can share this with you:)