Monday, January 24, 2011

One week...and action.

I just realized that after my surgery, there will be no chance to go snowboarding or skiing in a while. So I put on on my fresh new Roxy outerwear and went to the local resort and did a few turns. My knee didn't like it that much, but I was really excited to feel the snow under my feet again. Can wait to start the real rehab and get so so STRONG and be able have fun on my board again.

Haven't been cross country skiing in years, and managed to get some snow under them to last week. It was great exercise and real fun until I hit the steeper slopes going down... Crossed my skies and went down hill in 0.01 km/h Not so fun, cause I love speed and going fast.
Well, its all about being outdoor and having a active lifestyle, right?



  1. hei lisa! a stupid question, what size do you wear your snowglothes, jacket & pants? cause i'll get that same jacket size L. and i think it's ''too small''. i'm a big girl hahah

  2. Hi there! I have all my riding clothes in size XL :) This is a winter -12 jacket and its kind of narrow but the coolest jacket I have ever worn:)I love the colorful zipper!