Thursday, October 6, 2011

HINTERTUX, season has started!

It's so fun to finally be able to write a blog about snowboarding! It´s been so great here in Hintertux/Austria. Sun from blue sky and lots of friends up in the mountain. Good times!

My knee is still sore, but it's fun to feel the snow under my board. YEAH. Today I even span on the small jump line, that's a start isn't it??:)

Some pictures:

Aimee Fuller, Cheryl Maas, me and Elin Bjørkum in the 3rd lift, heading up!

Tanning in the end of the day. Still summer temperatures:)

Playtime for all the "kids" , Tini, Silka and me.

Elin, beautiful in pink!

Silje, Kari and Elin looking excited!

Remember, live in the moment! Enjoy ever second of your life!

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