Sunday, November 27, 2011


YES, made it safe to Breckenridge after 31 hours of traveling! Lost my connection flight in Vancouver and had to stay there for the night. Anyways, all good and I'm back on snow and on my board:) Feels so good, especially when I know there is like no snow in Norway or Europe at this time. The park in Keystone is open and has a lot of fun features to play with, so check back later for some more riding shots.

Waiting around at airports, not the funnest part of traveling.

First day going on, early wakeup! Just love the jetlag:) Very excited to ride again!

Keystone looking bright and shiny!

Xbox in the house! The kids are having fun...Torstein and Silje having a boxing match!

Lift in the sun, not complaining.

Stian getting ready to hit the road. This is my ride by the way, pretty sweet!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snowboard Awards 2011

Anette, Elin, Silje, Emilie, Helene, Trude, Caroline and me.

Each year the Norwegian snowboard federation holds a party to honor all the Norwegian snowboarders, and a lot of different high-ranked prizes are given out to worthy winners.

Everyone dresses up and get together to attend the prize giving and to celebrate our love for "sideways riding on snow" !:) I won the big title "rider of the year" in 2009, but this year I had the honor of giving out one award. Check out our night and the lucky prize winners here:

First of all, the prize for best entrance has to go to Frode Sandbech. ?!!!
Audience looking good!

Beauty Silje Norendal "Female rider of the year"

Silje, with her proud family and me of course, "the big sister"

Torstein Horgom: "Male rider of the year"

Emil Andre Ulsletten: "Break through"

Marte Søderlund: "Break through"

Me and Ezinne Okparaebo, just given out our prizes.

Andreas Wiig: "Best film part"

To of the prize givers: Andreas Torkildsen and Andre Villa.

Party people... Jonas Greve, Andreas Wiig and Jens-Martin Johnsrud

Trude, me and Martin, smile but no teeth, ok?!:)

And THE party man himself Marius Otterstad

Thanks for a great party, and thanks for photos;)

More pictures and prizes.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

London Freeze

I went to London for a day, to catch up with the Roxy team and to check out the action at London Freeze. This is what went down:

LG FIS big air...for guys only! The Norwegian Ski-dudes did pretty well, and Ståle Sandbech got 5th on the snowboard comp. Contrats to you all, fun to watch! Michelle, me, Aimee and Lesley trying on hats...soooo 2008:)

London in the middle of October, well end of October.. anyway: Christmas decorations were already up!

Met with the UK boss Michelle at the Roxy office which has a great location opposite Top shop:) down town. Hannah, Aimee, Michelle. Michell took us out for lunch. Amazing healthy food! Thanks.

Noticed a big poster of the Quiksilver guys in town, and Aimee needed a picture with her favorite one;) This is our pitstop after I had raided the Roxy store on Regent St! Ohhhh, so much nice stuff!

It wasn't just the Quiksilver guys that got the fame, Aimee well spotted at London freeze! Looking pretty good with the mustache:) I rememberd to stay close to Aimee for the rest of the night to get some of her fame on me as well!

Manage to get my own fame, yeah! Check it out:

Good and effective day in London. Peace out!

Check back later for pictures from the Norwegian Snowboardawards 2011. Who bacame the rider of the year?