Sunday, November 27, 2011


YES, made it safe to Breckenridge after 31 hours of traveling! Lost my connection flight in Vancouver and had to stay there for the night. Anyways, all good and I'm back on snow and on my board:) Feels so good, especially when I know there is like no snow in Norway or Europe at this time. The park in Keystone is open and has a lot of fun features to play with, so check back later for some more riding shots.

Waiting around at airports, not the funnest part of traveling.

First day going on, early wakeup! Just love the jetlag:) Very excited to ride again!

Keystone looking bright and shiny!

Xbox in the house! The kids are having fun...Torstein and Silje having a boxing match!

Lift in the sun, not complaining.

Stian getting ready to hit the road. This is my ride by the way, pretty sweet!


  1. Glad to know that you have reached to your destination safely. I understand you must be so worried on missing your connecting flight but no worries All well that ends well.