Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life in Colorado

Life here in Colorado is pretty sweet. I'm so stoked I can ride again after my knee injury. I really feel the joy of snowboarding is coming back to me now that I'm able to jib around and ride the park! :) The park in Breckenridge has the perfect size jumps for me and with a good crew of friends I can't ask for a better start of the season.

Happy to wake up to this weather every morning:

Just me and Keystone

Some jibbing on a box in Keystone. Getting my tricks back.

Big smiles in the lift, ready for a warm and sunny day: Per Iver, me, Roger and Tore

Don't really know whats going on. What's up with the kitchen floor, Torstein, Silje and Tobias?

After riding its gym-time. Norway crew taking over.

..and whats better than a Hot tub on the balcony after the gym?

On our day-off Silje and I went to Denver for some accessories shopping. Yes, of course we got these.

Besides Snowboarding Breckenridge give me just the right Christmas feeling.

Hope I can get that camera out of my backpack tomorrow, so that I can finish my little edit for you. Check back later for some live-action:)