Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roxy Snow Pro, Saalbach Hinterglem!

Stoked to tell you that I'm back on track! Yesterday was my first competition in 14 months:) It was sooo nice to be back at the startgate with all the girls for the Roxy Snow Pro here in Saalbach Hinterglem in Austria. The course was super fun, with a down rail, to jumps in a row and a gap jump with a box option into a choice of three rail/jib features.

I got 11th and missed the finals by one spot:) wohaaa! Next time I will be ready to charge it even more, cause this comp gave me my confidence back:)

Congrats to the winner of all, Jamie Andersen who seems to be unbeatable these days! Cheryl and Aimee put on a GREAT show landing bs 900, rodeos and underflips! Stoked to see the girls progressive riding!

Check out pictures from the event here:

Roxy team all ready for the Snow Pro!

I'm just dancing with the flying boards.

Kari and Alyona watching the girls kill it at night finals.

Erin and me, just smiling:)

Kari on the down rail. Qualified 2nd for the semi final.

TTR interview regarding my comeback:)

Erin and me at the top of the course, ready to figure out the speed for the first jump.

Euan doing an amazing job as our camera man!

Kari ready to drop for her cab 540:)

Aimee Fuller, the BOASSS! Proud of her today, landing bs 720, bs rodeos and cab underflip! Which placed her on the podium!

Aimee Fuller proving her 3rd spot with this amazing bs rodeo over the gap jump!

The winners! Jamie Anderson 1st, Cheryl Maas 2nd, Aimee Fuller 3rd:):):)

And it's all over.. ready for OSLO and the worlds. With Jamie, Kari and me.
Later <3

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