Monday, February 20, 2012

World Snowboarding Championships!

This past week has been so intense! Filled with lots of good experiences, nerves, happiness, friends, family, snowboarding, speed issues, flat landings, media/press, wind, Tv interviews, flat light, bluebird, parties, concerts, great dinners, invited to the City Hall and awesome riding.

I was so happy when I got the message only one day before the championships started, that I was given a wild card and my name was on the startlist!! Wohoo. After a year out because of knee injury I couldn't enter any of the qualifying competitions which meant that I probably had to watch the world championships in my hometown from the sideline! But not!!!:)

The course was pretty big and I struggled with the speed during the training, but it was so fun to be riding with my friends again in a big competition. It was also good to experience that I was able to cope with my nerves and have fun even after being out of the scene for so long! If I could change one thing it would be the timing of the WSC, cause this was my second competition in over a year and of course I wish I was more ready to charge it and do better tricks, but considering my injury and how little I have been riding in advance, Im proud to land a clean run in this big course!

I played it a little safe but manage to advance into semi finals together with two other norwegian girls Dina and Kjersti! The day of semifinals was amazing. Bluebird and perfect conditions! I landed a ok run, but fell on my bs 540 in my last run so no finals. Still happy to be back on track!

Thanks OSLO and WSC for a great event!!!

Check out my pictures from the past week:

Kari, Sondre and me at the QP in Holmenkollen.

Erin and Jens-Martin well dressed for a cold but amazing QP comp.

Kari and the blondies! Party time.

GO Kjersti!!! Sslope style finals, Kari, Erin and me!
BF support <3 Me and Jens-Martin

My mom and my favorite coach of all times, Petter Levin!

A big crowd showed up for the amazing riding at the Quarter Pipe.

SOOO happy to advance into Semi finals!

This awesome SWIX guy helped me to clear the jumps! Thanks!

Dinner at the City Hall, amazing buidling! Dagfrid and Jens-Martin

Qualis done! Kjersti and me, very happy to be in Semi finals:)

Cheryl rode very well, and advanced into finals! Getting some fame!

My bs 540 off the last jump.

Some TV time, ready to drop!

Athlete lounge! "Chill zone"
Roxy "Day one" dinner at bar Vulcan!

Smiling before my run!:)

Aimee and me at a Roxy/quiksilver breakfast at bar Vulcan, mmmm

TV getting some comments after the Qualification!
The Amazing winners!!! Spencer, Jamie and Enni! Sick riding girls! Impressive!

Riding the pole!
Look at this awesome view!

The Trophy! #WSC

Great norwegian support!

Private concert with Dagny at the bar vulcan. #Roxydinner
It was so nice to have family there to support me! Mom, Kaisa and Sandra! (Cousins)

One of my runs from semi finals here:

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