Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring in Norway

My mini shred fun day in Trysil!!! Spring is here people:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and then and then and then....

Straight after BEO we all headed straight to the airport to catch a flight over the sea! Yes, America that is, east coast Stratton this time. First day of practice for the US. Open was already Sunday morning, and we landed in New York on saturday. The drive up to Stratton was ok, can't clomplaint when I'm driving a Suburban :)

To make this blog a little shorter, I can just start with the fact that I didn't enter the slope style comp at all in the end. Woke up to a stormy day for qualifications, and with a weak and painful knee I decided I didn't want to risk anything by doing it. Especially since the weather conditions were pore. It was a hard decision to make, and I was really frustrated, but happy in the end. Still strong and good to go for the nationals that was still coming up. Had a great week in Stratton though, hanging out with good friends and watched again some amazing riding in the finals. Congrats to my friend Kjersti with silver:):) And of course the unbeatable Jamie with another 1st! Enni rode sick as always and ended up with the bronze.

Got one wild night out in New York before I slept my way back to Norway:)

Check out my pictures here:

Not much else to say: this is Stratton!

Working out is actually really sexy! With Mimi and Kari

Birthday girl:) Kari turned 21 and is officially legal...

Possum and Spencer looking good!

Kjersti, just before her price giving! Congrats!!!

Landed in New York, kari ready for our first American meal.

Torgeir is huge in New york!

80's night in New York. Real fun!

Shopping day. Urban Outfitters it is!

Roger, Per Iver and Sondre ready to spend some money in Soho!

well...self portrait!

The little kid Brage on a roadtrip with two gramps!

Roger and I, done New York, ready to fly home!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catch up!

Had some footage and made this .."thing" :

A few weeks on the road and only one blog? I better catch up.

Burton European Open was amazing. I felt like I was on summer camp or something, cruising around in my hoodie and tanning in a tank top. Couldn't have been any better. The course was really fun and creative and it was inspiering to see the riding that went down at this event! Qualifications was rough, only 5 girls out of 30 went through, and I was happy to put down a good first run which placed me 4th into the semi finals!:)
Unfortunately I couldn't quite repeat that in semis and fell in both my runs, so no finals for me.
The girls were killing it in finals in the sun. Seemed like they all really enjoyed the course:) Just check out the winning run of Jamie Anderson:

Enni rode sick too, her run placed her in 2nd :

On the guys side it was a battle to the end. When you thought it couldn't get any better, guy after guy landed the sickest runs. The podium changed all the time making it really exciting to watch. Norway's ripper Aleksander Ă˜stereng pulled the longest straw and put down a breathtaking last run. Check it out and enjoy:

After this great event I was inspired and ready to hit the road again. Zurich-New York: US. Open next! I tried out a new setting on my camera, pretty cool:

Silvia, Kjersti and me enjoying some Apres´ in pink

Kari, Frode, Marte and Silje looking sweet in red.

Charlotte playing with her new gloves.

Tricia and Lesley watching slope finals, looking good in blue!

The pretty ones fits all the colors, Kari and Marte looking sweet in purple.