Monday, May 28, 2012

Omega Cure

I finally found a fish oil that taste amazing. During the World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo I was introduced to Omega Cure through one of the awesome chiropractors that worked with the athletes, Eilif Harloff. I was lucky to get one for free to try out, and I loved it! My free bottle is already empty and I just ordered three new ones here. Americans can check out this page.

I have always use Omega 3 as a supplement in my diet because of all the healthy benefits. This one has a mild taste of citrus and a very fine consistency. I can actually drink it pure as it is, no aftertaste which is a main reason why I like it so much, but it clearly has many other benefits as well:

- It is organically produced. This means that it is not used any chemicals in the manufacturing process or later.- It has a high content of EPA and DHA non processed- 2 teaspoons daily delivers 2.5 g of natural omega 3 To achieve this dose, you must eat a large salmon meal.- The oil is purified and free of all toxins and metals that may occur in fish - A fresh, clean oil should be less than 1 mEq / kg. This is of 0.1

I just personally wanted to share this with you all.
Athlete friends, run and get one too:)