Monday, June 18, 2012

Norwegian Champion:)

The season is pretty much over and summer is getting closer every day, even though it doesn't feel that way when I put on my rubber boots and hoddie to go outside....

I must say that I'm pretty happy with my season after all, reaching my goals and being back on my board feels real good. I was so so happy when I got the message that I could join the World Snowboarding Championships which was hosted in Oslo my home town.  I was not able to qualify through the events going on in 2011 because of my injury, so I was given one of very few Wildcards For me entering that course in Oslo was amazing! It was challenging and hard, but still fun. I just felt so lucky to be able to snowboard again and land a safe run through that course. It really build up my confidence.

The Norwegian Nationals was held in mid March in Oslo/Tryvann and Vierli, but unfortunately the competition in Slopestyle and Big Air got cancelled cause of strong wind at Vierli reasort. To bad, course everything looked real good and I was so excited and ready to charge the course.

Tryvann/Wyller in Oslo on the other hand, had a world class halfpipe ready and waiting for us at the Nationals. I surprised myself by getting back some of my runs and tricks in the Halfpipe and actually won the whole competition. Not a bad feeling to walk away with the Norwegian Champ title 2012 :)

Check out some of my pictures from the Norwegian Championships:  ("stolen" from

Wiik with a typical tweak

                                               Aleksander Ă˜stereng so calm and stylish.
                                           Geilo represent, Caroline and Tore. HP champions too:)
                                          3.Thea Stenshagen, 1. Lisa Wiik 2. Silje Norendal
                                            The crowd enjoying the sun and the performance?
                                               Dagfrid and Cecilia being cool as always
                                          Elin rocking the Bieber button
                                               One happy me with my medal.
                                           McTwist with my own twist of grab, stylefish:)
                                         My very own fanclub? Niclas and Jens-Martin
                                         Ready to drop