Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira

Before I welcome winter completely,  I have to post a few pictures from my summer of action:)
I don't know if you remember that I entered a competition in my local resort this winter and won a surf camp to Portugal?!I really did:) This past July me and my boyfriend Jens-Martin went to Lapoint surf camp in Ericeira for a week. I finally "learned" how to surf. At least I feel a lot safer and know what to look for and ways to cope with the...waves! It was an awesome week of fun! Nice waves every day, enthusiastic coaches, sun and warm weather. The wind was absence, which is quite unreal for Ericeira. Pool at the camp, slack line, mine ramp and a Boardrider Roxy store close by! All you can ask for. So, for all of you that are considering surf camp I can recommend it strongly. Thank you Lapoint for giving me this experience, and thank you Roxy for all the nice summer clothes and my new Roxy wetsuit!

Check out my pictures and get inspired:) 


  1. I really wish to be there with you as I love doing camping.You people had a great time there with friends.I so want to visit this place any time soon.

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