Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feels good to compete !

I know most of you probably don't get the whole competitive side of snowboarding, BUT I loove competitions. The nerves, the dealing with pressure, getting one chance (or maybe two), its just the right amount of push I need to progress and have fun! My team manager Lesley described me pretty excaxt on my Roxy profile last year: "Her need to be busy allows Lisa to thrive under pressure, which has led to her being one of the few riders in the world who can excel in both halfpipe and slopestyle contests." Thanks, Lesley. Its so true!

So I went to Varingskollen in Norway this Saturday to enter a Norwegian Slope style 3star event organized by the Norwegian Snowboard association and found myself on the top of the podium at the end of the day. It's always a good feeling to win, but best of all was the feeling of adrenalin going through my body again, and the feeling of still being able to deal with the excitement in my body during the day. I think it's so much fun!!! I love snowboarding:)

Here I am with a proud smile.

 Having fun with friends! Emilie Evensen (2nd place:) and Elin Bjørkum (cutie;)

 Check back later for some snowboarding action from my local resort.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I welcome you, Mr. President Obama!

Firs of all, Congratulation on the re-election Mr. President. Well deserved!
Any plans on the program yet? A Norway visit maybe? If you come to Norway, Mr. President Obama, I will take care of you and the Obama family's adrenaline kick while visiting OSLO.  I know that you are riding "one foot forward" like me, and that Oslo Winter Park already have snowboards, gear and lift-passes ready for you! Just give me a call when you have landed, I can pick you up at the airport too:) See you.

Check out my personal invite: