Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Warsaw, Roxy shopping.

What a City! Last weekend I went to Warsaw, Poland to do some Roxy shopping!!! What an amazing town. The Old City with the colorful architecture and majestic buildings was a scenery. I can only imagine how it all looks in the spring... I might have to go back a warm and sunny day:)

Warsaw is a major tourist destination and has survived wars throughout the history, but unfortunately 90% of it was destroyed during the world war II, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery it is now a lively place, with tourists and locals, and tons of galleries, cafés and restaurants.
Atmospheric alleys, squares, and cosy cafés create a unique sense of history.
So lets hear it for Warsaw!
The Palace of Culture looking different every night

...But as I was starting off with... I was on a mission! In Sadyba Best Mall I found it: Boardriders Sadyba store. A huge store filled with Roxy, Quiksilver and DC clothes and other nice stuff :) I met some excellent store employees which did an awesome job with spotting out all the good stuff for me, which led to bags filled with goodies on the way home! Thanks a lot for all the help Boardriders Sadyba, and thanks a lot ROXY for making me look so good;)

Check out some of my photos:
Jagoda, me and Patryk

Left my signature on the bar:)

Found all the good stuff!

Awesome Roxy watches!
Check me out;)

Patryk treating us very well.
Mum, me and aunt, coffee is served!

Walls of Old town

Warsaw's Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta)

 St. John's Cathedral

Warsaw Mermaid