Monday, March 18, 2013

Norwegian Championships 2013

One of the best Norwegian Championships I have ever entered! FUN FUN DAY! Thank you Oslo Vinterpark and Wyller for the world class Halfpipe! 

Pictures from the day: 
(Photocredit: Preben Stene Larsen)
This beauty queen getting a fresh up!
The pipe was awesome! Perfectly shaped and firm but not icy. Just how I like it. I had fun all day and managed to bring out some old stored tricks from my pocket which placed me on first spot and gave me another GOLD medal to bring back home:) 

Happy winner:)
Frontside indy by mini-me.

Two proud girls with gold and silver. (me + Kari)

The guys killed it! Fredrik had some of the highest airs and was leading all the way up to finals, but when Roger put down a clean run including his double flip, Fredrik was beaten and placed on second place. Stoked to see the guys push limits and put down a great show. 
Roger with a stylish double!

Fredriks signature: amplitude!  
Kari, me and Lisa Mari. HAPPY!

Proud to be sharing the podium with the one and only Kari on second and my amazing name-sister Lisa on third. Great riding girls!
For more pictures from the Norwgian Championships, check out Snowboardforbundet on facebook. For all the results, go here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another podium

I'm quite impressed with Norway's selection of good parks this year. I'm usually riding Oslo, Tryvann and the amazing half pipe in Wyller. It's always fun and really close to the city! But I checked out Ringkollen last weekend (1,5 hour outside of Oslo) because the Norwegian snowboard federation was organizing a slope style 3star event there, and yes... they can do it too! It's always fun to participate in a competition. It makes me push myself a little extra and its is so fun. The jumps were bigger than expected which let me get some good airtime too! :)

The girls had fun and were pushing each other all day! Good to see that it is growing "behind me", the young ones were ripping and charging. One girl really impressed me, Camilla :) She did a huge backflip to disaster... cause she almost went double. Unfortunately she broke her arm though, but she is a tough girl and one to watch out for in the future. Feel better Camilla, you will be back ripping in no time!!!

The amazing Marte Søderlund rode well all day with steezy frontside boardslides and twicked out  spins which put her on the top of the podium in front of me:) Nora earnd 3rd place with big airs and spins! I was stoked to get to ride Ringkollen park and get another podium in for the season!:)